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Too busy for NG

7/11/13 by MoriChax

If youre wondering why I've become so inactive its just because life hit me with a ton of bricks and I jsut dont have time to contribute here anymore. (I hope to change that soon though)

Anyways, its been I think a year since I've actually made a piece of art, all I do is sketch now. But theres a place you can go to see my shitty sketchings. Just follow my instagram! (shuddap Mori instagrams for losers) I feel like their may be a few fans out there that might be intrested so what the heck.

And now I shall leave you with my most current sketch cause I want to.

Too busy for NG


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The sketch looks awesome so far.

must suck ass being an adult.
good luck womannnnnnn



Good luck with the brick barrage, glad you're still drawing and thinking about us here :)